NITCON (Synthetic Rubber)



Megadyne’s lightweight conveyor belts are developed to meet the requirements of various industries and based on the experience gained by customer feedbacks. They are made to satisfy market needs in terms of different size, fabric, compounds, colors and patterns.


The products of these series find their application as light conveyors in various sectors like graphic arts, bindery, electronic industry, packaging industry. ME series conveyor belts are used for the graphic, arts, paper processing and packaging industries. They are suitable for inclined conveying. MX series are flat power transmission belts used as light conveyors in applications with magnetic elevators.

Main components

Em elastómero. Lado de transporte verde e dorso preto

Poliéster Poliamidas

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • resistent to abrasion
  • quick joining
  • good flexibility
  • NITCON working temperature  -20 / +100°C

Main applications industries


Series: ME - MX

Joining methods: grind both 

Megaconvey Conveyor Belts

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