Multi rib belts pv rubber ribbed

PV Rubber Ribbed

PV Rubber Ribbed belts are endless belts with longitudinal V shaped grooves which combine the benefits of flat belts and V-belts.


PV Rubber Ribbed belts can be used in serpentine or twisted drives, due to their high flexibility.

Main components

01 / BODY
The belt body is made of a special polybutadiene-based rubber compound which provides high transmission efficiency and assures minimum wear.

02 & 03 / CORD
The tensile member consist of high-strength low-stretch polyester cords, which ensure length stability.

The back side cushion protects the tensile member and permits the use of backside idlers.

Multi rib belts pv rubber ribbed

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • high flexibility
  • linear belt speeds up to 60 m/s are possible
  • small pulley diameters and flat pulleys can be used in order to reduce drive costs
  • power performance can be improved by increasing the number of ribs
  • antistatic
  • PV Rubber Ribbed belt working temperature -30° / +80° C


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