PVCCON (PVC, limited oil resistant)


Conveyor belts PVCCON


Megadyne’s lightweight conveyor belts are developed to meet the requirements of various industries and based on the experience gained by customer feedbacks. They are made to satisfy market needs in terms of different size, fabric, compounds, colors and patterns.


PVCCON are standards belts for general conveying purposes.
Big variety of characteristics combinations and top cover structures to meet all possible conveying requirements (in floor, decline, incline). They are made with different cover hardness, surface patterns, colors.

Main components

A cobertura superior é realizada com diversas durezas 46/90 ShA. As superfícies podem ser lisas, super grip e opacas.

Com 1, 2, 3 ou 4 camadas. Rígido, pouco rígido, extra rígido, flexível, rígido antirruído, flexível antirruído.

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • oil resistant  
  • resistance to abrasion
  • resistance to water
  • cover with  medium and high grip
  • PVCCON working temperature -10°C+70°C


Series: U - L - N - D - G - MG - T

Joining methods: stepped Z splice, overlap splice, stepped splice, mechanical fastener

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