PVCEXCON (PVC, oil and fat resistant)


Conveyor belts PVCEXCON


Megadyne’s lightweight conveyor belts are developed to meet the requirements of various industries and based on the experience gained by customer feedbacks. They are made to satisfy market needs in terms of different size, fabric, compounds, colors and patterns.


PVCEXCON are suitable for conveying food, according to FDA-USDA and European regulations.
F Series also includes belts with blue cover as BL. The F10/AB is antibacterial cover, with HACCP approval. E Series is food approved and ATEX certified.

Main components

Em branco e azul, 72-75 ShA. A superfície pode ser lisa ou trabalhada.

Estão disponíveis diversos tipos, com trama flexível ou rígida.

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • good resistence to oil, fats, vegetables
  • resistent to water
  • curve conveyors
  • original embossed for incline conveying
  • PVCEXCON working temperature  -10°C +70°C


Type: F - E Available with cleats, profiles, sidewall  

Joining methods: stepped Z splice, overlap splice, stepped splice, mechanical fastener

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