Flat belts Rubber MEGAFLAT


MEGAFLAT belts are truly endless mandrel moulded, without a single seam or splice.
Rubber MEGAFLAT belts are particularly suitable for both power transmission and conveyor applications.


Rubber MEGAFLAT: wide variety of coatings means wide range of applications possible.

Main components

01 / BODY
Belt body, made in black chloroprene to ensure the proper friction coefficients: it is rough on the transport side and smooth on the reverse side

Available fabrics include Polyester, Polyester/Cotton and Aramid/Polyester for superior transmittable power.

Flat belts Rubber MEGAFLAT

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • high flexibility
  • small pulley diameters
  • dimensional accuracy
  • high speed
  • energy efficient
  • low vibration and noise
  • high friction surface
  • good chemical and ozone resistance
  • uniform elongation values
  • antistatic
  • Series “T” belt working temperature  -25°C / +100°C  (T75 and T200: -30°C / +110°C)


T75, T108, T110, T120, T150, T155, T200.

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