V-belts Rubber Raw Edge LINEA-GOLD


LINEA GOLD has a narrow cross section and raw edge construction. This is a top of the line raw edge V-belt.

New materials, advanced design features and an innovative production process has led MEGADYNE to develop a new generation of raw edge V-belt drives that outperform in a wide range of industrial applications.


LINEA GOLD guarantees large cost advantages for the end user and a greater design flexibility for engineers. The belt has a narrow cross section and a raw edge construction, based on a new EPDM rubber compound which withstand chemically aggressive environments, ageing, ozone, UV and heat.

Main components

To protect against contamination and moisture

An innovative EPDM compound to guarantee the best possible bonding with the body material

03 / CORD
Polyester tensile cords to enhance tensile and flex-fatigue forces

04 & 05 / BODY
Featuring a newly developed EPDM compound, with high-performance fibers embodied in the rubber matrix

V-belts Rubber Raw Edge LINEA-GOLD

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • increased power capacity: +30% higher  power ratings compared to standard LINEA X
  • very smooth-running operation
  • tightest dimensional tolerances and installation without matching
  • static conductive according to ISO1813
  • environment-friendly belts: all compounds are halogen-free and RoHS compliant
  • LINEA GOLD belt working temperature  -40°C/+110°C


Linea Gold - Discover a new generation of raw edge v-belts

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