Belting Solutions for Linear Actuator Applications

Megadyne offers a wide range of industry leading belting solutions for linear actuator applications. Investing in high quality belts can help companies remain competitive in today's growing linear actuator industry. Industries where linear actuators can be found include: 

  • Packaging

  • Material handling

  • Robotics and automation

  • Printing and paper

  • Automotive

  • Machine tools

  • Medical

  • Fitness

  • Elevators and lifts

Belting Solutions for Linear Actuator Applications

Megadyne offers two variations when it comes to belts: rubber or urethane. While our rubber belts are high quality and feature the longest possible service life, they are subject to the limitations of the material and require occasional replacement. Urethane is more popular due to its superior resistance to wear. It will not dry out, become brittle, crack, or dust-out over time the way that rubber belts tend to. Your application will determine which belt material is appropriate.

All Megalinear and Megaflex timing belts are optimal for long-stroke actuation applications, and can be customized for specific applications, requirements, and long lengths. The most common options for Megadyne belt driven linear actuators are: 

  • 8M with HF cords

  • Urethane Tooth Shapes: MTD, RPP, STD, QST, GW, and AT

  • Rubber Tooth Shapes: RPP

  • Cord Constructions: S, HF, HP, and HPF

Our engineers are experts in the field and capable of guiding customers to a perfect customized belt fit by conducting careful analyses of: 

  • Actuator speed

  • Length of stroke

  • Acceleration and deceleration profiles

  • Actuator carrier or clamp mass

  • Noise-level requirements

  • Design package 

  • Ideal tooth shapes

  • Cord structures

  • Application-specific material selection 


Megaflex timing belts are manufactured with thermoplastic polyurethane and continuous spiral steel cords perfect for power transmission and conveying heavy loads at high speeds. This type of belt features a nylon coating on the teeth to enhance running properties and reduce noise. This special coating can also be applied to add extra thickness to the back of the belt, offering extra protection against heavy products. Megaflex belts have truly endless capabilities and are fully customizable to the customer's specific length customization, enabling constant high performance.

The main components that make up the belt are the body and the cord: 

  • Body

The body of the belt is fabricated from white thermoplastic polyurethane 92 ShA, which gives it exceptional wear resistance – even with shock or surge loading. 

  • Cord

The cord runs beneath the belt and features zinc-coated steel tension members wound in the shape of a helix, enabling the belt to handle high-breaking loads with low risk of elongation. The cord is available in Kevlar, stainless steel, high-flex (HF), high-performance (HP), high performance flexible (HPF), and high performance (HP) stainless steel.  

Megaflex belts possess a constant dimension and length, high flexibility, and high resistance to oils, greases, aging, hydrolysis, and ozone. These features make the belt maintenance free with a linear speed of up to 20 meters per second. The working temperature runs from -25° C to 80° C.


Megalinear timing belts are also manufactured with thermoplastic polyurethane, giving the belt superior resistance to wear and abrasions. Steel is our standard for cord reinforcement, along with multiple other grades of application-specific reinforcements designed for conveying, lifting, and positioning materials and products. 

This type of belt can be shaped in a number of different urethane options depending on the customer's needs, including low temperature, high temperature, food grade, and a small variety of colors. 

Megalinear belts are available with different cords and tooth designs for optimal lifting and positioning based on specific operational needs. This means that Megalinear can be customized to meet the customer's exact specifications with different cleats, covers, and modifications. The belt can be manufactured in Europe, America, or China to support fast and efficient delivery to our global customers. 

The belt body offers excellent resistance to wear, chemicals, and oil. The cord is composed of high strength S & Z tension members. The constant dimension and length of Megalinear belts allows for high flexibility, and high resistance to oils, greases, aging, hydrolysis, and ozone, making it maintenance free as well. The linear speed runs up to 20 meters per second, and the working temperatures run from -25° C to 80° C. 


For more information about belt selections, customization, and other actuator applications, please feel free to download our Belting Solutions for Linear Actuator Applications ebook or contact us directly for more information.