Megadyne Product Selection Pro

Megdayne is excited to announce Megadyne Product Selection Pro, our new basic drive design software for synchronous rubber belts. This state-of-the-art software enables customers to design two-pulley drives from readily available belts, pulleys, and bushings.

The tool features multiple drive solutions that users can sort based on relative cost, providing a smooth and seamless selection process. Users can then archive generated drive solutions and also print or email them to customers with ease.

Selection Software for Rubber Synchronous Belt Drives

The Megadyne Product Selection Pro incorporates a broad variety of synchronous belt options including:

  • RPC Parabolic Tooth Profile Platinum 8M and 14M Ultra High Torque
  • RPP Gold 8M and 14M Super High Torque
  • RPP Silver 2 8M and 14M Extra High Torque
  • Silver 5MS Extra High Torque
  • RPP standard 3M, 5M, 8M, and 14M High Torque
  • Imperial MXL, XL, L, H, XH, and XXH Standard Timing

All of the above belts work with pulleys made to ARPM or ISO 13050 standards.

Our Rubber Belt Product Guide thoroughly describes the quality and applications of all our synchronous belts. This guide includes tooth profile dimensions, power capacity, noise levels, and temperature capabilities along with recommended applications.

The software contains “basic” inputs and optional “advanced” inputs that allow users to further refine their drive solution searches. This means that users can get hyper-specific drive solutions tailored to their needs.

Once users select the basic and advanced parameters, the program searches for all possible combinations of belts and sprockets and sorts them by relative cost. Users can also navigate between different solutions by clicking on the headers of each product column.

The calculator will include a list of drive solutions such as:

  • Driver and driven sprocket part numbers and pitch diameters
  • Driver and driven bushing part numbers (if required)
  • Belt part number and quantity required
  • An actual service factor of the drive
  • Actual center distance of the drive in inches
  • Actual driven speed of the drive
  • The relative cost of the drive
  • Tensioning data (also useful for determining correct tension values for existing drives)

Easy Identification of Saved Designs

All drive solutions generated by the Megadyne Product Selection Pro are assigned a unique ID number, enabling easier selection of saved designs. Each ID number houses the results for that solution as well as the inputs assigned to it.

Users can print or email these drive solution results or change various inputs to tweak the product. This pane also regenerates the entire drive solution if needed.

The calculator’s archives contain the full set of ID numbers, and users can view multiple solutions at once by opening new tabs. With this method, you can compare numerous drive solutions within the same window.

Pick a Better Belt Today

Our new Megadyne Product Selection Pro will ease friction related to finding the correct synchronous belt and accompanying parts for your needs. By generating drive solutions tailored to your requirements, our software will save you time, money, and stress.

Founded in 1957, Megadyne is the leading manufacturer of belting solutions across a wide range of industries and applications. If you would like to learn more about our custom belt solutions, contact us.

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